I first discovered yoga 20 years ago. I went to my first class to try to calm down my busy mind and my first teacher told me yoga gives you more energy. When I told my boyfriend (now husband) he just laughed as I am renowned for my bundles of energy!!


My interest in yoga blossomed over the years and I have been fortunate enough to meet some amazing teachers along the way - far too many to mention here. I did a yoga immersion course with Tuesday Mcneil which then led me to do the British Wheel of Yoga foundation course and onto the Yoga Alliance Teacher Training course with Louise Cashin, Yoga Nidra training (Yoga Nidra Network)  and onto qualify to teach and share my love of meditation - qualified with Swami Saradananda. I continue to learn with many other great teachers including Ben Wolf, Tim Sibley, Erin Lewis & Simon Lowe. Recently completed Yoga Nidra Restore with Helen Moss

People say yoga just keeps giving and this is very much how I feel. The more the know the more you want to know and the more I wanted to share this precious asset with anyone who is interested. Yoga is for everyone and I firmly believe whatever bought you to the mat is more than enough to get started whether you are a runner and want to prevent injury, a mum who wants some peace/me time, someone who spends time at a PC and wants to open and relax the shoulders or maybe someone who has been through injury of the mind or body or been ill and wants to nourish themselves there is something for everyone.

Off the mat, I have many other interests including swimming at Hampton Pool in the fresh air, cycling  (completed the London 100 bike ride in 2017) and the gym.  I  was  actively engaged with Action for Children (preventing youth homelessness in the UK) from 2007 - 2019 on the London board for Byte night. Since December 2018 I have been engaged with SPEAR (local charity working with and to prevent homelessness) The Listening Place is also a charity I am engaged with helping prevent suicide in London since 2018. I teach chair yoga in a local sheltered home and local community centre project for people with physical or mental disability as well as students with Parkinson's. In 2020 I qualified to teach yoga for refugees and asylum seekers. In 2021 I trained and started to work as a Listener face to face for the charity The Listening Place - a suicide prevention charity

Masterclass available here - free training on how to find calm in mind & body